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I can say with about 99% certainty that scarves as shirts are about to become a regular thing for me #sorryaboutalltheselfies #not #selfie #vscocam

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66.50 Yuan (10.80 USD)

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55.30 Yuan (9.00 USD)

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OOTD: Date Night.
Powerclashing to the gawds

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Plus Mesh Trimmed Swimsuit - $24.80 + shipping

Free shipping over $50~

*last thing in current plus size request*


So I found another flower crown I made a while ago (for a Persephone Halloween costume that never got finished, I think?) and I started taking phone selfies with it and then suddenly I had on makeup, and then bam my camera was out and I had changed my whole outfit… Whoops, a little distraction from my afternoon to-do list.

Oh well, I looked really good in my velvet dress. Fat goddess up in here.


cupcake-body by H&M (blazer and purse too)
tulle-skirt DIY

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USA, Size 16/18

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