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i’m actually really liking my stretch marks right now.

i see them poking out of the tops of pants and skirts and they look like a beautiful semi symmetrical design. when i remove the garment, they frame my belly button and i think are actually quite beautiful.

this is a really good feeling


I feel like this should be pretty self-explanatory. I’m drawing these for a zine at my college (and they have a tumblr!!), but submissions are due today, so they’re a bit more rushed than I would have liked.

I tried to be inclusive and not-shitty. Hopefully I succeeded at that. There are more of these I’d like to draw, but like I said, time limitations :P


I looked cute as mother-fucking hell today. So much black and white.

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Dress -  Birdie from Pinup Girl Clothing

Photographer - Brooke Orchard 

Full review on my blog : Curves To Kill 

I’ve probably already reblogged this, but it needs to happen again. Gorgeous dress (one of my own wardrobe favourites), gorgeous Teer.

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Photo: Vestige Photography
Model/Hair/Mua: Kaddie O’Keefe

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Micheline Pitt by Laura Byrnes for

Yeah, this dress was finally restocked and is on its way to me right now (arriving tomorrow, I think!).


new outfit post on!

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Ashely Graham


Swimsuits from Forever 21:

Cutout Craze Swimsuit
Cutout Craze Bikini Set
Midnight Mesh Swimsuit
at Forever 21 (in partnership with Shopstyle)